Alex and Mark Sandral’s Ceremony at Q Station, Manly

Celebrant Kate Joubert Marrying Alex and Mark at Q Station Manly

Marrying Alex and Mark

Couple’s name: Alex and Mark Sandral.

Location of ceremony: Q Station, North Head, Manly.

Time of Wedding: 3.30pm.

Theme or colour: Red and gun metal grey.

Feel of Ceremony: ’Fun, light hearted and casual.’

Number of guests: 120.

Brides dress: Peter Trends.

A stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony!

Bouquet: Red tulips.

Bride given away: Greg (Alex’s best friend’s dad).

Vows: Wrote their own.

Ritual: We had a candle lit on the registry table to honor and symbolise the loved family and friends who are were not able to be there.

Ceremony Furniture: Rose petal aisle, chairs, registry table and chairs supplied by Q Station.

Reception: Also at Q Station.

The Ceremony: Working for Alex and Mark was an absolute dream. They wanted a fun, light hearted and casual ceremony, where the focus was not entirely on them. They were both into keeping their ceremony simple. Simple is what we did and it was perfect! Every one of Alex and Mark’s guests were really happy that they were getting married and were ready to celebrate their love, yay!

Acknowledgement candle. To honour the family and friends that who were not able to be there and signing the marriage papers

The happy couple and the most beautiful red tulips you have ever seen!

Post ceremony with Mr and Mrs Sandral!

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