Channel 9 ‘Mornings’ show – TV wedding

Rachel and Daniel’s channel 9 ‘Mornings’ show TV wedding – called ‘Behind the Bride’s Back.’

Couple’s name: Daniel and Rachel Hamilton.

Location of ceremony: Vaucluse House, Vaucluse, NSW.

Theme: Garden.

Feel of Ceremony: ‘Respectful of tradition with a contemporary spin.’

Colour: Claret.

Number of guests: 100.

Time of Wedding: 10am.

Brides dress: Karen Willis Holmes.

Bridesmaids dresses: White Runway.

Bouquet: By Sweet Art.

Bride given away: By her father.

Vows: Wrote their own and repeated them after me.

Poem / Readings: Rachel’s father shared a reading from Corinthians 13.

Ritual: Butterfly release - 12 native Monarch butterflies – from Butterfly Releases.

Ceremony Decor Styling: Sweet Art.

Ceremony Furniture: Guest chairs and registry table provided by Vaucluse House.

Maid of Honor: Kyla (BFF)!

Best Man: Matt (Best friend).

No of bridesmaids: 3.

No of Groomsmen: 3.

Page boy: Rachel and Daniel’s son Xaiden.

Flower girl: Rachel and Daniel’ Scarlet Rose.

Reception: The Hilton.

The Ceremony: I am used to designing a wedding ceremony for a couple by listening to both the bride and grooms ideas. I then merge the ideas to create a ceremony that represents the two of them, their love, their values, their way. When I was approached to marry Daniel and Rachel under the proviso that Rachel couldn’t know a single element about the ceremony, (except for the legal components), it was going to be a challenge. I met with Daniel a couple of times and spoke with him over the phone on numerous occasions to hear his ideas, and learn as much about Rachel as I possible could. The ceremony was designed with Daniel’s words in my ears, ‘respectful of tradition with a contemporary spin, Rachel would like that.’

The finished product was beautiful. Rachel walked down the aisle, the epitome of femininity in her Karen Willis Holmes Couture designed gown, with her father to her favorite song, Everybody’s Free by Quindon Tarver. Daniel and Rachel’s two small children were decked out in the cutest flower girl and pageboy outfits I have ever seen, entered with Rachel’s four bridesmaids who were dressed in stunning claret floor length dresses.

Rachel’s father shared a reading, the vows were loving and also funny (very them), and the ring ceremony was tender. At the conclusion of the ceremony we performed a butterfly ritual. Early on the morning of the wedding, 12 exquisite native Monarch butterflies in an antique netted bird cage were delivered to my home thanks to Butterfly Releases. They travelled with me to Vaucluse House, the wedding location, at the end of the ceremony when Daniel and Rachel were standing next to the netted bird cage which was sitting on the registry table I said this;

“According to an American Indian legend – If you desire a wish to come true, whisper it to a butterfly.
Since a butterfly can make no sound, it cannot reveal the wish to anyone. 
By making a wish and giving a butterfly its freedom, the wish will be taken to the heavens and granted. 
Rachel and Daniel, please now whisper your wishes to a butterfly and then set these beautiful creatures free!”

The butterfly ritual was simply magical and Vaucluse House made the perfect backdrop and new home for the wonderful creatures.

The ceremony was gorgeous, Daniel and Rachel were not fazed by the cameras in the slightest. From the moment Rachel appeared at the top of the aisle Daniel didn’t take his eyes off her and Rachel couldn’t stop smiling right back at him.

Daniel and Rachel – a beautiful couple so in love!

Here comes the bride!

Here comes the bride… and the camera crew!

2 camera men, 1 sound guy, 2 photographers to capture the ceremony

“Rachel, do you take Daniel to be your husband, will you love and respect him…”

Rachel’s father sharing a reading from Corinthians 13

12 Native Monach butterflies ready for their release at the end of the ceremony

Post ceremony with newlyweds, the gorgeous Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton!

Daniel and Rachel with their bridal party









Daniel and Rachel with the channel 9 “Mornings” film crew and producer Keshnee Kemp.










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  1. Rachel

    What a beautiful day and such a lovely blog Kate

    Thanks again so much for making our day extra special :) xox

    • admin

      Thanks very much Rachel! You were such a beautiful bride, I loved every minute working for you and Daniel.

      Talk soon xx