Claudia and Kesh’s Ceremony at Q Station Wharf, Manly

Keshvindah saying his vows to his bride

Couple’s name: Claudia and Keshvindar Dhami.

Location of ceremony: Q Station Wharf, North Head, Manly , NSW.

Time of Wedding: 12pm.

Feel of Ceremony: ‘Simple and beautiful.’

Number of guests: 20.

Bride given away: Claudia the bride, was given away by her grandfather.

Vows:  Wrote their own and read them off a card that I passed to them.

Ritual: Arras ritual and Balloon blessing.

Ceremony Furniture: Red carpet, Flower arch, guest chairs, registry table and linen provided by Q Station.

Maid of Honour: Somera (best friend).

Best Man: Ishwin (best friend).

Ring bearer: Stefano (11yrs).

Flower girls: 2 – Scattering petals as they walked down the aisle.

Reception: Q Station.

The Ceremony: Claudia and Keshvindah were a vibrant couple who were extremely excited about their wedding day. They were open to all ceremony ideas and when it came to rituals they wanted to do all of them! We settled with two, the first being, “The Blessing of Arras (coins).” and a Balloon blessing. The Blessing of Arras ritual is an ancient Venezuelan wedding tradition. The meaning of this ritual is to ensure that the bride and groom will experience good fortune, prosperity and that they will share everything in their life. The bride and groom drop 13 silver coins into each others hands whilst a special blessing is spoken – Claudia’s grandmother performed this, it was simply lovely!

The second ritual was a balloon blessing. Each guest received a balloon filled with helium at the and of the ceremony, made a special silent wish for Claudia and Keshvindah’s marriage, and then on the count of three we let them all go together. It was so wonderful to see the blue balloons fly up into the sky and eventually drift off and disappear.

Bride Claudia walking down the aisle with her grandfather

Newlyweds Mr and Mrs Dhami and Celebrant Kate

Signing the marriage papers – Bride Claudia, Groom Keshvindah with witnesses Pritam and Laura (Claudia and Kesh’s mothers)

Claudia and Keshvindah just married at Q Station Wharf

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