Don’t Get Married Until You Have Read The 9 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

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Don’t get married until you have read the 9 most common wedding planning mistakes… Every successful wedding has two things in common, they are good planning and good organisation. Take care not to make these nine common wedding planning mistakes and you’ll be on the right track to your dream day.

1 Blowing Your Budget

Whatever kind of wedding you are planning, there will be costs involved. Before you start thinking of ideas for your ceremony and reception, creating a budget is an absolute must. Sit down with your fiancé, decide on your budget, know where you are funding it from and work out where and how much you want to spend on everything.


2 Pleasing Others        

Compromising your own ideas by trying to please others is a common mistake most brides and grooms make. Whether its family or friends be respectful, listen to what they have to say, then kindly let them know that you are going to do it your way. Remember that it is your wedding, so you’re allowed to have it whatever way you like.


3 Uncoordinated Elements

There are many elements to consider when planning a wedding. It’s of great importance to keep everything co-ordinated so it all looks good!

Choosing a theme will tie everything together. From invitations to place settings, to the style of your dress, the flowers and the grooms and bridesmaids outfits. Having a theme is the easiest way to achieve a beautiful looking wedding.

Here are 6 topics to spark your imagination.

  1. Consider color. Color can reflect in your flowers, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen’s outfits, stationary and table settings.
  2. Consider your weddings location e.g. at the beach, harbour, garden.
  3. Consider your families’ heritages.  All have culturally rich traditions that can make wonderful wedding themes.
  4. Consider the season you are getting married in.
  5. Consider a decade theme, eg, medieval, 1920′s, 1950′s.
  6. Consider something that has a special meaning to you and your fiancé.

Creating an ideas scrapbook or vision board is a fantastic way to see if your ideas work together.


4 Not Having Someone To Oversee Your Day

You cannot take care of everything leading up to and on your special day. If you do try to take care of it all by yourself you will be stressed and not able to enjoy your day to the fullest. Having someone that you trust to oversee everything is an absolute must! Whether it is a wedding planner, family member or friend. You could also divide up the responsibilities amongst a few people. If you decide to do this option be sure to have someone who will oversee everything and take care of things when necessary.


5 Not Creating A Gift Registry

Everyone has different tastes, so to avoid receiving gifts that you don’t like, I thoroughly advise creating a gift registry. You can create registries at a couple of different stores, so you are not just limited to one.

If you really don’t wish to receive gifts, as an alternative you could create a honeymoon registry or register with a charity and your guests can donate to it.


6 Saving Your “To Do” Tasks Until The Week Before

Don’t! The answer is to get as much as you can think of done ahead of time so you can enjoy your last week of being engaged.

Also issues will definitely arise that you haven’t accounted for, so in order to stay on top, schedule in a few hours of “unaccounted” time to cover this, then you will be able to relax and enjoy the lead up to your special day.


7 Assuming Your Bridal Party Knows Its Duties

By creating a list of duties for your bridal party and sitting down with them to run through it will give you confidence that everything will be attended to. Even if your friends have been a part of a bridal party before, don’t assume they will know what to do. Just remember not to overload them as they are coming to your wedding to celebrate you and enjoy themselves.


8 Turning Into A Bridezilla!

Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life, however that does not entitle you to turn into an “all about me” tantrum-throwing Bridezilla!

If you feel a bridezilla moment coming on, stop what you are doing, take three deep breaths, take a look at the big picture and put your feet back on the ground. Now is definitely not the time to fall out with your family, friends or your fiancé!


9 Forgetting To Enjoy It!

It’s a long, difficult journey; there will be tears, frustrations and lots of money spent. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey and especially the day! Remember that you’re marring your true love and celebrate that!




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