Do I Really Need A Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal?


Do I Really…do I need a wedding ceremony rehearsal you ask… well it is completely optional. Some couples like to have one so they and the bridal party and who ever else is involved know exactly what to do and when on the day, while others don’t as they prefer the ‘fresh’ experience.

I always offer a rehearsal to all my couples because. Rehearsals are always so much fun and calms any nerves or butterflies you might have.

Rehearsals are usually held as close to your wedding day as possible. Sometimes it is just the bride and groom, and sometimes couples like to bring their entire bridal party and anyone else involved

  • Best Man and Maid of Honour
  • Flower Girls and Page Boys
  • Who ever is walking you down the aisle
  • Any guest or bridal party member who is performing a reading or poem
  • The Ring Bearer

At your rehearsal:

  • You, your bridesmaids and any children in your bridal party will learn how to walk down the aisle
  • Everyone will learn where and how to stand
  • You and your maids will learn how to hold your bouquet (bouquet 101)!
  • If you have a train I will show you how to maneuver it so it stays perfectly positioned behind you
  • Everyone will learn exactly what to do and when
  • I will teach you how to say your vows (separately of course! I also have some great tips if you are nervous about saying them)
  • If you are wearing a veil over your face we will practice how to ‘unveil’
  • I will show the Best Man or Ring Bearer how to present your rings
  • You will learn how to put each others rings on smoothly, (just like they do in the movies)!
  • You will learn which angles are best for your kiss
  • The bridal party will learn how and when to follow you and your new husband back up the aisle
  • Anyone who is performing a poem they will learn where to stand and also practice their poem.
  • We will work out where to put the signing table and musicians
  • I tell my brides and maids to bring their wedding shoes to do a test run (walk)!

As you can see there are many details to a first class ceremony. Whether you choose to have a rehearsal or not is completely up to you. If you decide to have one just remember to book it in well in advance as a Celebrant is usually very busy marrying other couples!



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