Dream Wedding On A Dream Budget -14 Tips To Help You Save Up To 50% Off Your Wedding

1 Set a Budget

Before you do anything, sit down with your fiancé and set a budget. Work out how much money you plan to spend on each item that relates to your wedding and don’t go outside it. 

2 Cut Your Wedding Guest List Down

When you add a new name to your guest list, you’re budget will rise significantly. It’s not just the food and beverage costs, but also the extra invitations, centerpieces, rentals, etc. Don’t invite anyone you haven’t talked to in two years. Don’t feel pressured to invite all your work colleagues and wedding etiquette says, you don’t have to allow single friends to bring along a date.


3 Have Your Ceremony And Reception In The Same Location

There will be no need for hire cars to transport you and your wedding party to the second venue. Most reception centers have beautiful areas where your wedding ceremony and reception can be held.


4 Make Your Own Invitations

Making your own is really easy. Buy a software program, (eg; Office Works – Cristina Re, Print Station 3 DIY printing software for around $40) and paper from your stationary or craft shop. Create them on your home computer and use your printer to print them. Assemble them with your choice of colored cardboard, ribbon etc. Also instead of RSVP cards and to save on extra postage ask you guests to reply by email or by phone, just include these details on your invites.


5 Arrange Your Own Flowers

More and more brides these days are arranging their own flowers. Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces can be created at home the day before. Consider taking a flower-arranging course, purchase a good “how-to” dvd or look on You tube. Speak with a florist about the flowers that will allow you to make the most of your budget. Remember flowers that are in season are cheaper than those out of season. Purchase flowers from a local flower market rather than a florist, they will be cheaper and fresher. Try and buy all your flowers from one vendor, as you will get a bigger discount. If you pay with cash you might save even more money, be sure to ask for a discount. Arranging your own flowers will save you literally hundreds of dollars.


6 Photos

Wonderful photos are one of the few keepsakes you’ll want to have from your special day. Research wedding photographers in your area and ask to see their portfolios. By looking at their work you will see what style of photography and photographer you like. Once you have chosen, ask for the images to be on a cd. Once you have the cd you can print out inexpensive copies for yourself. Buy a beautiful photo album and then place the images into the album. This will save you literally thousands of dollars.


7 Pool Your Family And Friend’s Talents

Ask family and friends to lend their talents by helping out. They generally will feel very special to be apart of your day. Think of crafty people who could help with invitations, programs and flowers. Think of a charismatic and well-spoken friend who could be your MC and any musical family members or friends who could be in charge of the music.


8 Consider Alternate Transportation

Borrow a gorgeous car from a relative or friend or try styling your own.


9 Opt for A Buffet Or Banquet

Banquets and buffets can be cheaper than plated meals and they require fewer waiters than needed for a regular dinner.


10 Music

Find out if one of your friends would be happy to be your DJ. Then get together your cd selections and borrow or rent a sound system.


11 Don’t Mention The Word “Wedding”

Once you mention the word “wedding” vendors usually multiply the product or service cost by three! If you are renting a venue for the reception, indicate the room will be used for a “party.” Use this same approach can when ordering wedding cakes. A regular cake usually costs much less than an identical cake, which has been labeled as a wedding cake. Also try to use businesses that are not associated with the wedding industry.


12 Give Yourself Time

By giving yourself a substantial amount of time to plan your wedding, you’ll be able to shop around for the best deals. You also won’t feel pressured, stressed or stuck with having to choose products and services at the last minute that are expensive.


13 Stick To The Schedule For Your Ceremony And Reception

Musicians always charge more if asked to perform beyond the time stated in their agreement. Also note that rental cars/limos usually incur additional charges if your event finishes later than planned.


14 Shop Around

To make sure you’re getting the best possible quality deal of a product or service don’t choose the first jeweler, photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ etc you come across as prices will differ widely. Look out for businesses that don’t advertise any services for weddings, as these services generally will be significantly cheaper.

Follow these 14 tips and you will be sure to have a dream wedding on a dream budget!


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