When should I book the Celebrant?

Book as soon as you have decided on your date, time and venue. Celebrants can be fully booked months in advance.

How long does a ceremony last?

Ceremonies usually take 15 – 30 minutes. It depends on the content, which is chosen by you.

Can we get married anywhere in Australia?

Yes. A registered Marriage Celebrant is permitted to perform wedding ceremonies anywhere in Australia. This includes remote islands, hot air balloons, airplanes and boats.

Do we have to attend any pre-marital courses?

No, however, I have contact details of businesses that run them should you wish to attend.

I don’t know what I want for my ceremony?

Don’t worry. I have an excellent resource book that I give all of my couples for inspiration and ideas.

We want to elope, what do we need to do?

It’s easy! All you need is to complete the legalities with your Celebrant and have two people, who are eighteen years old or over to witness your wedding ceremony.

Where can I get married?

Anywhere you like! On a beach, in a park, on a boat in the harbour, in your back garden, at the Sydney Opera House, or even in a hot air balloon!

We want to get married in a park or on a beach do we need permission?

Yes. It is best to contact the local council in the area you want to get married to see if there are fees or restrictions.

What do I do if I can’t find my original documents?

If you were born in Australia, you can obtain a copy of your birth certificate and if applicable, a death certificate of a former spouse from the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages, in the state in which you were born. If divorced you can obtain a copy of your Divorce Order from the Family Law Court in the state in which your marriage was dissolved.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes. Some couples like to do this while others prefer to choose theirs from my resource guide that I will give you. Legally you will both need to say, “I call upon the people here present to witness that I (bride’s name/groom’s name), take you, (groom’s name/bride’s name) to be my wedded (husband/wife)” before you commence your own vows.

Do we have to memorise our vows?

No, not unless you want to. You may choose to repeat your vows after me or read them from a card.

Can our children be part of the ceremony?

Yes. I have some lovely ways in making children feel special and involved for your ceremony.

Can we get married immediately?

You will need to seek approval from your local court. It is called ‘Shortening of Time.’ The reason must fall within one of these categories for it to be granted.

  • Employment related or other travel commitments.
  • Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations.
  • Medical reasons.
  • Legal proceedings.
  • Error in giving notice.

My fiancé and I are of a different religion; can we include aspects of both religions into our ceremony?

Yes. Kate can create a ceremony that will satisfy both of your religious needs.

You can include any religious vows, rituals, readings, poems and any other symbols you wish.


If the bride and or groom cannot speak english a translator will be required. It can be a family member or a friend.

What does the Celebrant’s fee include?

The fee is inclusive of my Diamond Package plus all legal documentation before, during and after your wedding ceremony, all meetings, writing your ceremony, a rehearsal, solemnizing your marriage on your wedding day, travel time and telephone calls. The minimum time spent from the first meeting to registering a marriage after the ceremony is 15hrs.

What does a wedding ceremony look like?

Your ceremony can be as traditional or unique as you would like it to be. You can have just the minimum legal wording or include elements such as poems, readings, rituals, music and dance.

 A Sample Ceremony Order

  • Processional – Entrance of the wedding party (Optional)
  • Welcome/Introduction
  • First Poem/Reading/Ritual/Prayer/Music/Dance (Optional)
  • Giving away of the bride (Optional) (eg: “Who gives Serina to be married to this man?…”)
  • Monitum – Legal wording spoken by the Celebrant from the Marriage Act
  • The Asking (Optional) (eg: “Do you take James to be your husband?…”)
  • The Vows (Your promises to each other)
  • Second Poem/Reading/Ritual/Prayer/Music/Dance (Optional)
  • Ring Ceremony (Optional) (exchange of wedding rings)
  • Conclusion and Declaration (“… I now pronounce you husband and wife.”)
  • Signing the Marriage Register
  • Presentation of the Marriage Certificate (Optional)
  • Recessional – Exit of the bridal party (Optional)

Do you travel away from local areas of Sydney?

Yes, I do travel however this may incur a fee. Please contact me to discuss your needs further.

Marrying under 18 yrs

A parent’s written consent and a court order under section 12 of the Marriage Act is required.