How To Create A Seating Plan For Your Wedding Ceremony

Butterfly shaped seating name tags










Planned seating is the ultimate sign of a good host and hostess. As the bride and groom you are the hosts of the day essentially.  Planned seating shows that you’ve taken the time to plan every important detail, the most important being the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

A seating plan is essential to ensure a smooth and comfortable beginning to your wedding celebration for your family and friends, I strongly suggest that you have names tags tied to each of your ceremony chairs. These name tags can be tied with ribbon or cord to the seats for your guests to easily see. 

Tie name tags to each seat so the wind won’t them blow away









If their are no name tags on seats it can get a quite awkward for your guests as no one ever thinks they are important enough except for mum, dad, grandma and granddad to take a seat… then there are always quite a few empty seats which doesn’t look great in your photos.

For cooler months consider having small blankets to keep your guests warm











The front two rows are traditionally allocated to closest family. Traditionally the bride’s family and friends sit on the left of the aisle, (if they are sitting facing the bride and groom) and the groom’s family and friends to the right of the aisle.

Be sure the name tags are made using thick card so they won’t rip off the ribbon/cord if there is a strong wind











The person walking you down the aisle will sit on the chair closest to the aisle on the left hand side, (if they are sitting facing the bride and groom). If you are having a family member of friend read a poem seat them on the end of a row so they can easily stand up and come forward.

Seat name tags look great if they follow the theme and or colour scheme of your wedding styling.

Example of an A4 seating plan. The leaves in the plan is where you, your groom and your Celebrant will stand. The 4 rectangles are bench seats.














As well as direct family members, don’t forget to make them for any older guests and pregnant family members, or any of your pregnant girlfriends – they will be most grateful and appreciate the considerate touch.

1. Create a seating plan on A4 paper
2. Create names tags and choose ribbon/cord for tying
3. Give the seating plan, name tags, ribbon/cord and a pair of scissors to the person who will be setting up on the day to ensure the right names are on the right seats!
4. On the day ask the designated person to attach the name tags 30 minutes prior to your ceremony start time, so they are set up before your guests arrive.


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