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You are about to take a once-in-a-lifetime walk down the aisle. All eyes will be on you; this is your moment! So how do you walk down the aisle with style, confidence and grace? Follow the 6 steps below and you’ll be an expert in no time!

1 The Entrance

Most brides are nervous, they tend to clutch their bouquets to their chests and rush down the aisle.

Take a few deep breaths, before you appear before your guests. As you reach the spot where your guests will see you for the first time, stop and stand for a few seconds and take another deep breath. Smile (show those pearly whites), drop your shoulders, suck in your belly and hold your bouquet down a bit lower than your waist, (It looks best held lower than what feels comfortable)!


2 Walk As You Normally Would But At A Slower Pace

Step-together, step-together for walking down the aisle is very old fashioned and looks rather robotic. To walk down the aisle with style, grace and elegance walk as you normally do just a little slower. If the aisle music you have chosen is medium-paced, walk to the beat. If it’s very slow, don’t bother keeping pace. As you practice this, you may notice that you are spontaneously pulling your stomach in, your spine is straightening, and your shoulders are moving back.


3 Let Your Gown Touch Your Ankle Before You Step Forward

When you put your foot out to take a step forward, your gown will move back to touch your leg. By waiting until this happens, you’ll never step on it. This will also give the illusion that you are floating down the aisle.


4 Look At Him! –  He Will Give You Stability

Take the time to look at him, if you feel a little unsteady he will give you stability. Also you can take a look at the person walking you down the aisle this will also give you strength.


5 Acknowledge Your Guests

You can acknowledge your family and friends by smiling back at them and giving a little nod. (It’s such a wonderful moment seeing all your family and friends smiling back at you).


6 Show Respect The Person Who Is Walking You Down The Aisle

When you and the person who is walking you down the aisle reach your groom and Marriage Celebrant, take a moment to give that person a hug, a kiss or say, “thank you.” This will make them feel very special and very loved!

Remember, there’s no rush for any of this as it’s all about you! By not rushing you’ll be able to enjoy and remember the first precious moments of your wedding ceremony.

Absolutely there is a lot to remember on how to walk down the aisle. But with a bit of practice you will be a professional in no time!



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