How To Do The Perfect Wedding Kiss

The wedding kiss, although not a formal requirement, is a traditional part to the conclusion of most weddings ceremonies and is always a big deal. Every culture has its feelings about public shows of affection, and individuals also have their preferences about public smooching as well. I have seen every kind of kiss between a bride and groom, ranging from a small peck on the lips, lots of little kisses in a row, kisses through tears of happiness, full open mouth tongue kisses, dip kisses and kisses so passionate that their guests yell, “get a room!”So how do you kiss your husband for the first time without eking out your guests and offending your father, but not looking like your kissing your grandmother and being respectful of your families’ cultures? Follow the eight steps below for the perfect wedding kiss!

1 Respect Family Traditions

Some cultures and families have strong views on public shows of affection. Respect your family by not embarrassing them or making them feel uncomfortable. If your are not sure what is expected you can get an idea by asking yourself and your fiancée, how do your mum, dad, grandparents and cousins show affection to each other in public?


2 Consider Your Comfort Level Of Kissing In Public

Every couple is different and there is no right or wrong style of wedding kiss. Discuss with your fiancée what type of kiss you plan to do so that you’re on the same page;

  • Small quick kiss on the lips.
  • A few little kisses in a row.
  • Open mouth tongue kiss.
  • Dip kiss.
  • Long passionate kiss that guests yell, “get a room!”


3 How Long?

Counting 3 mississippi’s is the norm. Much longer than that and expect your guests to yell, “get a room!”


Head Tilt

Usually the bride tilts her head to the right, but it can be anyway!


Arm Around, Hold Hands Or Hand on The Face

By having his arms around your waist or deciding to hold each others hands, or on your face will give you both support so you feel steady on your feet.


To Tongue Or Not To Tongue?

Consider if your guests want to see this much detail!


7 The Dip

If you want to do a dramatic kiss the dip kiss is for you!


8 Practice!

You know what they say… practice makes perfect! It will definitely help so that on the day your kiss will look natural and spontaneous.


By considering these eight factors you will be able to make a conscious choice on how you would like your wedding ceremony kiss to be. Have fun practicing!

The arm around kiss












The holding the head kiss






















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