Leanne and Chris’s Ceremony at Clontarf Reserve, Clontarf

Leanne and Chris’s ceremony

Couple’s name: Leanne and Chris Patrick.

Location of ceremony: Clontarf Reserve, Clontarf, NSW.

Theme or colour: Pastel.

Feel of Ceremony: ‘Not too formal or stuffy, laughter, have fun, not cheesy!’

Number of guests: 90.

Time of Wedding: 3.30pm.

Bride given away: Her brother Mark.

Vows: Wrote their own and then repeated after me.

Poem / Readings: The Art of Marriage.

Music: Leanne walked down the aisle to ‘First day of my life’ by Bright eyes. At the end of the ceremony leanne and Chris walked back up the aisle together ‘Feel the love’ by Rudimental.

Ceremony Furniture: Yellow, pink and blue pompom decorations, chairs, white carpet, signing table from Romeo’s Chair.

Reception: Le Kiosk, Shelly Beach, Manly.

The Ceremony: During the first meeting with the very cool Leanne and Chris, they told me that they have a close friend who they would love to include in their ceremony. They informed me he had performed a fair bit of his sisters wedding last year. So it was set that Simon and I would co-conduct the proceedings. I drafted up a ceremony for Leanne and Chris and then they gave it to Simon to let him add his parts in. It pretty well went that I did the legal parts and Simon did the rest.

On the day it was beautiful to see such a dear friend to Leanne and Chris play such an integral role for their wedding. Simon was fantastic and very funny, he would make a great Celebrant if he ever wants to change careers! It was a wonderful ceremony and everyone had a fabulous time.

Best man, groom Chris and co-Celebrant for the day Simon

Leanne saying her vows to Chris

Signing the marriage documents after the ceremony

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