Marriage In The Adelaide Hills

Post wedding ceremony

Lisa and Tim the happy couple!

I have known the Lisa for a number of years and I was only too humbled for her to ask me to be her Marriage Celebrant. Lisa is always so much fun, so I new working with her and Tim was going to be fabulous! In the months leading up to their wedding we corresponded over Skype and by phone to create their perfect ceremony.

The day before the wedding, I flew to Adelaide to hold a rehearsal. At the rehearsal there was such a buzz of excitement in the air. Tim, his best man and his four groomsmen where cracking jokes with each other, whilst Lisa and her bridesmaids were giggling and eagerly catching up,as they all hadn’t seen each other for months, they were all very much relaxed and looking forward to the following day.

After the rehearsal I had final paperwork to complete with Lisa and Tim, so we headed to their home to complete it.

Their reception was held at their house so by the time we arrived it, was all systems go in preparation for the next day. There were people working everywhere! Marquees were being erected, dance floor laid, caterers were setting up, flowers arranged, etc.




The wedding day came and there was not a cloud in the sky. The Cedars was the perfect choice for their wedding ceremony as it was close to their new home in their beloved Adelaide Hills.

Lisa arrived looking so excited and radiant and her dress was exquisite. It was an elegant off white satin/silk floor length gown, with a sweet crystal broach at one hip. As she walked down the aisle with her father looking so terrible proud of her daughter, I looked over at Tim, you couldn’t have wiped the smile off his face, he was so happy seeing his Lisa!

During the ceremony Lisa and Tim couldn’t stop looking at each other. So deeply in love. They only had eyes for each other. There were also a few tears of happiness from the front row of family when Lisa and Tim said their vows to each other.

Afterwards we celebrated at their new home in the Adelaide hills. They had transformed their back garden with two marquees, housing a dance floor, band, dj and bar. The food was delicious and they had best dessert smorgasbord I have ever seen, including a chocolate fountain, I was in heaven!


As part of their wedding ceremony we decided to have a tree planting ceremony in their back garden. The tree symbolised to Lisa and Tim a lifetime reminder of their love for each other and a reminder of their wedding day. It was such a beautiful moment. The guests loved this ceremony and it was so suited to their love of gardening.

I love everything about Lisa and Tim they are such a relaxed, loved up and party loving people! It was one very special marriage in the Adelaide hills.




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