Milos and Claire’s vintage cool wedding

Milos and Claire’s wedding ceremony









Couple’s name: Milos and Claire

Location of wedding ceremony: The Moores Building, Fremantle, WA

Theme: Vintage

Number of guests: 60

Dress code: ‘Whatever people want to wear!’

Bride’s dress: Gwendolynne

Headpiece: Johanna Johnson

Photography: IZO Photography

Videography: Wedding Video Masters

Ceremony music: Baker Boys Band

Time of wedding: 5:45pm

Claire floating down the aisle with her mum













This was a very special ceremony for me as the groom – Milos I have know since we were kids. We used to go to the same ballet school and then years later danced in the same ballet company – the Australian Ballet. So when his super cool fiancé Claire contacted me and asked if I would marry them, immediately I said yes!

The wedding was held at The Moores Building in Perth WA, we corresponded over the phone and email (as I live in Sydney) to create the ceremony. They wanted their ceremony to be ‘personal without being long winded.’ …Personal, definitely not long winded and beautiful it was.

On the day Claire looked exquisite as she floated down the aisle with her mum. Instead of Milos having a ‘Best Man’ he chose to have a ‘Best Woman,’ his dear friend of many years Elisha. Choosing to have a ‘Best Woman’ or a “Man of Honour’ is becoming increasingly popular and more and more of the couples I marry are including this modern touch – I love it!

Laughter was present many times during the ceremony, one of the times was when Milos went to pull out a hanky from his jacket pocket to wipe Claire’s tears, but to get to the hanky he had to first pull out the battery pack for the videographer’s sound, and then pull out a 3 meter cord attached to it, (well it seemed like it was that long as the cord seemed to go on forever, it was hilarious!

During the ceremony there were two readings, the first one was performed by Claire’s mum, Milos’s mum and auntie three, they read ‘On Your Wedding Day.’ The second I read ‘The Art of Marriage’ by Wilfred Arlan Peterson. I don’t usually do readings, but Claire asked me if I would and I was thrilled when did as I love the poem.

The ceremony was pure, beautiful and everyone there new that this is one very special couple so in love.

The most stunning embrace before Claire take’s her place opposite her husband to be!










Milos had just dropped Claire’s wedding ring but caught it just before it hit the floor. Whether he planned it or not one will ever know – he is quite the jokester!














Milos: Claire with this ring I take you to be my wife. Let it be a reminder that wherever you go, my love goes with you.












Post ceremony with newlyweds Milos and Claire













The bridal party – Bree, Minji, Claire, Milos, Gaetano and Elisha










The happy couple!









Love this












The epitome of femininity









Adore the back detailing












The look of love












Milos and Claire such a great couple. Check out their testimonial here



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