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Do I Really Need A Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal?


Do I Really…do I need a wedding ceremony rehearsal you ask… well it is completely optional. Some couples like to have one so they and the bridal party and who ever else is involved know exactly what to do and when on the day, while others don’t as they prefer the ‘fresh’ experience.

I always offer a rehearsal to all my couples because. Rehearsals are always so much fun and calms any nerves or butterflies you might have. Read More…


The Latest Top 3 Trends In Bridal Head Wear






















After your wedding gown how you are going to wear your hair and what you are going to put in it are usually top of the list. When deciding on what you are going to wear remember to consider your dress so that your ‘story’ matches and makes sense. Here are the latest top 3 trends in bridal head wear.  Read More…


The Secret to a Happy Marriage

The secret to a happy marriage is an age old question most of us would love the answer to. Why is it that some marriages last the distance and others drift apart? This question led me to explore, what really does keep married couples together through the years?

Most of the weddings I perform it’s not unusual for the mother or father of the bride or groom, or the grandparents to come up to me after the ceremony to have a chat. The one question I always ask the parents or grand parents that are still married is, ‘what is the one thing would you say that has kept you together through the years?’

…their replies are always quite similar: Read More…