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How To Create A Seating Plan For Your Wedding Ceremony

Butterfly shaped seating name tags










Planned seating is the ultimate sign of a good host and hostess. As the bride and groom you are the hosts of the day essentially.  Planned seating shows that you’ve taken the time to plan every important detail, the most important being the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

A seating plan is essential to ensure a smooth and comfortable beginning to your wedding celebration for your family and friends, I strongly suggest that you have names tags tied to each of your ceremony chairs. These name tags can be tied with ribbon or cord to the seats for your guests to easily see.  Read More…


Channel 9 ‘Mornings’ show – TV wedding

Rachel and Daniel’s channel 9 ‘Mornings’ show TV wedding – called ‘Behind the Bride’s Back.’

Couple’s name: Daniel and Rachel Hamilton.

Location of ceremony: Vaucluse House, Vaucluse, NSW.

Theme: Garden.

Feel of Ceremony: ‘Respectful of tradition with a contemporary spin.’

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