The Latest Top 3 Trends In Bridal Head Wear






















After your wedding gown how you are going to wear your hair and what you are going to put in it are usually top of the list. When deciding on what you are going to wear remember to consider your dress so that your ‘story’ matches and makes sense. Here are the latest top 3 trends in bridal head wear. 

1. Crystal Bandeau

  • Ultra modern and chic
  • Creates quite a statement
  • Usually made from Swarovski-crystal
  • adds some sparkle to your look
  • Doloris Peturnia designs my favourite pieces, they are one of a kind and the most divine quality











































2. Birdcage Veils

  • This veil is a fine net that covers the eyes and sometimes the nose and entire face
  • An extremely glamours look
  • Usually made with silk flowers adorned with Swarovski crystals
  • Hair is always worn  in a low bun
  • worn on the side of the head or low in the centre
  • A bit of extravagance
  • The look  is a bit whimsical yet totally elegant




































3. Cathedral Veil (aka the long veil)

  • Usually around 120 inches long – 9  feet along the ground.
  • They work best with full length, classic wedding gowns
  • Etherial
  • Attached with bobby pins high on the head




















The choice can be a bit overwhelming but as long as you chose what you like and you feel comfortable with, I’m sure it will be perfect. You need to consider how it will work with your dress, face shape, body shape, hairstyle and wedding location


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