11 Top Tips For An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

1. Permits

If you are holding your wedding ceremony outside most locations require a permit. To find out if you need one, ring the local council where you’re planning to get married, ask also about any conditions and restrictions. You might have to pay a small fee if you’re planning your ceremony in a national park or on council land. Secure your permit as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

2. Weather

You can’t control the weather but you can have things in place to make your guests comfortable during your ceremony.

  • Sun – Consider the best direction for your ceremony so that your guests won’t be looking directly into it. This is best worked out, at the same time as your ceremony, the day or no later than a week before your wedding day.
  • Rain – You can hire, in any colour, golf umbrellas and place them under everyone’s seat, for just in case!
  • Hot weather – Shade is the main factor here especially for grandparents and small children. You can hire stand up umbrellas or golf umbrellas in any colour. Parasols are a lovely touch as are fans. Guests, especially the ladies, love this touch and can fan themselves throughout your ceremony. Lastly don’t forget to provide bottled water.
  • Cold weather – Provide small knee rugs on everyone’s chair.


3. Plan B – (Wet Weather Location)

It is essential to have a back up plan if you’re having an outdoor wedding. A rotunda close by, or your reception venue are great options.

On your wedding invitations include your detailed plan b location and if needed a map, as well as a contact number for your guests to ring and check if they are unsure of which location they need to be at on the day.

On your wedding day simply leave a recorded message on your voicemail letting your guests know of your ceremony location.


4. Seating

If you decide to have seating for your ceremony everyone of your guests doesn’t need to have one. The ratio that works well is 50/50 – eg: for 100 guests, 50 chairs will be needed.


5. Musicians

If you are having musicians be sure to check with them if you need to provide chairs for them to sit on.


6. Walking In High Heels On Grass

Walking gracefully in high heels on grass is near impossible. Stilettos sinking into grass is not a good look or feeling for that matter! I’ve come across a product called ‘The Soul Mates’ which are small plastic caps that fit over the heel part of your shoe that essentially make walking on grass possible with no more sinking feeling!


7. Garden Weddings

For garden weddings be sure to check the sprinkler schedule, need I say more!


8. Tide Times For Beach, River Or Harbour Weddings

If you are getting married by the waters edge, it’s a must to check the tide schedule. You definitely don’t want your ceremony to be a wash out! Also tides coming in to shore can be quite noisy, where as tides going out are less.


9. Decorations

Flowers, a red or white aisle carpet, a bridal arch, balloons, lanterns, flags etc, can be included to the styling of your outdoor wedding ceremony, you are only limited by your imagination. Just double check that everything is secured so nothing flies off by a sudden gust of wind!

Check with the venue’s manager or local council if your guests are allowed to throw rose petals, confetti and rice as some places it isn’t permitted.


10. Mosquitoes And Bugs

So that your guests won’t be pestered by crawly things provide citronella sticks, lanterns or candles. Keep in mind using fly or mosquito spray won’t create a very nice smelling ceremony!


11. Early Morning Or Late Afternoon Weddings

If you are having an early morning or late afternoon wedding make sure that you check the sunrise or sunset times, you might not want to be in darkness!




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