Leonie And Rob’s Wedding Ceremony On Board The Pacific Jewel Cruise Ship

I first met bubbly Leonie at a business conference in Fiji last year and we hit it off immediately. On the second last night of the conference at a dinner for all the business owners, under palm trees, eating delicious Fijian food and drinking Pina Coladas she asked me if I would marry her and her fiancee Rob. Of course I said yes and immediately and we started planning her wedding ceremony!

Our first actual meeting was in the plane, heading home, after the business conference from Fiji to Sydney. We chatted non stop for the entire four hour trip on the endless possibilities for her ceremony. By the time the tires on the airplane hit the tarmac in Sydney we had pretty well worked out how the ceremony was going to feel and look. I got off the plane and went straight home to write her ceremony, I was super excited and inspired!

As Leonie lives in Perth and me in Sydney we conducted the rest of our meetings over Skype. This is a way I frequently conduct my meetings as it is always convenient for everyone and distance isn’t an issue.

Leonie and Rob were married on board the Pacific Jewel Cruise Ship in Sydney Harbour and what an eventful day this was! It all started on a super chilly, stormy with torrential rain autumn morning. The day looked far from how you picture the weather to be like for your wedding day! Sydney was experiencing the worst weather and biggest seas since 2002. With a swell of twelve meters just outside the heads, it was not looking comfortable, let alone luxurious for a cruise ship wedding and honeymoon!

Because of the bad weather the ship had many problems to deal with and had to change the ceremony starting time three times. Leonie’s wedding planner had the enormous task of contacting all eighty of Leonie and Rob’s wedding guests many times to inform them of the latest updates. During all this Leonie and Rob were cool as cucumbers, amazing really!

So a little after 5pm, four hours after the original starting time, the ceremony finally commenced. We were all very conscious that the boat rocking and rolling under our feet, but it didn’t matter as it simply added more excitement and adrenalin to the eventful day! Finally Leonie glided down the isle looking like a million dollars to her beloved Rob.

Groom Rob and I watching Bride Leonie glide down the aisle










Rob, throughout the ceremony didn’t take his eyes off Leonie once, and had the biggest smile across his face you have ever seen.

The ceremony was wonderful with so much love. Leonie and Rob included two readings, a candle ceremony and Leonie’s flower girl, niece, Imogen performed the sweetest little dance.

Leonie and Rob's wedding ceremony

Kylie reading ‘Love’ by Roy Croft








Leonie signing the marriage register












Me with pretty flower girl Imogen












After the ceremony the guests celebrated late into the night ahead of their cruise. At 9pm it was time for me to get off the ship but not before a tour around the ship from the ship’s purser, it was great fun!

Moments after the ceremony with the just married Mr and Mrs Jones!













Congratulations Leonie and Rob on your marriage. I loved every minute working with you both. You both took the drama of the day in your stride, and laughed about it later. You are such a warm and loving couple, possibly one of the most romantic couples I have ever met. I wish you all the very best that life has to offer.

Just married Leonie and Rob










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